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Vote in the California Assembly en-CA, votes, show, committee_of_the SCR 66 — Motion Be adopted, to Consent Calendar.


Relative to Online Voter Registration Day.

Vote Breakdown

Yes 10 Chart?chbh=20&chs=535x100&cht=bhs&chco=405695,b43030,999999&chds=0,11,0,11,0,11&chf=bg,s,65432100&chd=t:0,0,0|3,0,1|7,0,0&chm=%40f5+needed+to+pass%2a%2c666666%2c1%2c0.2%3a0
No 0
Other 1
* 'Needed to pass' is not always accurate. Why?

Geography of the Vote

Geography of the vote
Democrat Republican Other
Dem-yes-map Yes Rep-yes-map Yes Ind-yes-map Yes
Dem-no-map No Rep-no-map No Ind-no-map No

The rules for the number of votes needed to pass are complex; and we can't always get the data we need to calculate this number properly. So this is our best guess.

Full Roll Call

Yes Votes
Name District Party
Franklin Bigelow 5 R
Cheryl Brown 47 D
Lorena Gonzalez 80 D
Richard Gordon 24 D
Curt Hagman 55 R
Adrin Nazarian 46 D
V. Manuel PĂ©rez 56 D
Bill Quirk 20 D
Shirley Weber 79 D
Scott Wilk 38 R
Other Votes
Name District Party
Tim Donnelly 33 R