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Vote in the California Assembly SB 743 — Motion SB 743 Steinberg Senate Third Reading By DICKINSON


Environmental quality: transit oriented infill projects, judicial review streamlining for environmental leadership development projects, and entertainment and sports center in the City of Sacramento.

Vote Breakdown

Yes 56 Chart?chbh=20&chs=535x100&cht=bhs&chco=405695,b43030,999999&chds=0,78,0,78,0,78&chf=bg,s,65432100&chd=t:0,0,0|15,10,0|41,5,7&chm=%40f36+needed+to+pass%2a%2c666666%2c1%2c0.2%3a0
No 15
Other 7
* 'Needed to pass' is not always accurate. Why?

Geography of the Vote

Geography of the vote
Democrat Republican Other
Dem-yes-map Yes Rep-yes-map Yes Ind-yes-map Yes
Dem-no-map No Rep-no-map No Ind-no-map No

The rules for the number of votes needed to pass are complex; and we can't always get the data we need to calculate this number properly. So this is our best guess.

Full Roll Call

Other Votes
Name District Party
Richard Bloom 50 D
Wesley Chesbro 2 D
Cristina Garcia 58 D
Jimmy Gomez 51 D
Adrin Nazarian 46 D
Nancy Skinner 15 D
Mariko Yamada 4 D