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California Bill

SCR 70

Relative to the University of California, Davis.

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  • 39 all votes
    39 yes votes
    0 no votes
    0 other votes
  • 11 all votes
    10 yes votes
    0 no votes
    1 other votes
  • 39 all votes
    38 yes votes
    0 no votes
    1 other votes
  • Actions

    Date Chamber en-CA, bills, show, action
    other Enrolled and filed with the Secretary of State at 10:30 a.m.
    other Chaptered by Secretary of State. Res. Chapter 130, Statutes of 2013.
    In Senate. Concurrence in Assembly amendments pending.
    Assembly amendments concurred in. (Ayes 39. Noes 0. Page 2401.) Ordered to engrossing and enrolling.
    Assembly Read. Amended. Adopted. (Page 3225.) Ordered to the Senate.
    Assembly (Corrected September 12.)
    Assembly From committee: Be adopted. Ordered to third reading. (Ayes 10. Noes 0.) (September 9).
    Assembly Referred to Standing Committee on Rules.
    Read. Adopted. (Ayes 38. Noes 0. Page 2138.) Ordered to the Assembly.
    Assembly In Assembly. Held at Desk.
    From committee: Ordered to third reading.
    Introduced. Referred to Standing Committee on Rules.

    A major action for a bill, as we define it, includes either movement between committees or roll call vote on final passage. It is intended to serve as a lower-traffic and more-intelligible stream of updates on this bill's status in the legislative process.