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Here are the news and blog mentions found with our daily automated search of the Web (via Google News and Blog Search) for this legislator: "Assemblymember Shirley N. Weber". You can add to this page and help build public knowledge about this person. Simply mention this member by his or her official title and full name in a blog get or on your website, and if it's published on the open Web where search engines can find it, a link to your webpage will automatically appear here within 24 hours. Or, if you don't have a blog or website, you can write a letter to a local newspaper or political blog that mentions this specific person by title and name as above, and if your letter is published on the Web, a link to that page will be swept up and displayed here.

We've done our best to optimize our automated search processes for this person, but occasionally even our state-of-the-art search robots bring in irrelevant links, such as other people with similar names -- so if you see irrelevant links below, please disregard. If you care to help, simply send us an email with the URL of this webpage and we'll get the extraneous links cleaned-up as quickly as possible. Now, here's what we found by way of real-world news & blog context for Assemblymember Shirley N. Weber

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